Sue Bloom is an Animal Behaviouralist

Sue Bloom

Sue has been working with animals for over 25 years now in many different forms.

Sue and the Bandog puppies
Sue and forest at the church, Sydney
Sue and Tango on film shoot day

Training Animals for films such as the feature film Babe

Fly and Rex on the movie Babe
Jamie Cromwell at the fair
Make up for Ace on the movie set Babe
Ferdie and Babe
Magda and Sue on the movie set Babe
Sue & Rex in the water for a night shoot

The New Adventures of Black Beauty TV series

Black Beauty at liberty
Black Beauty with children
Sue leading the horses on the set of Black Beauty

The Man from Snowy River TV series

The Man From Snowy River, period costume

The Enid Blyton children’s series (New Zealand)

Sue & pig on the set of Enid Blyton
Sue and sheep hugging
Sue kissing goose on the set of Enid Blyton
Kiki the cockatoo, New Zealand


Forest on the computer on the movie set of Paws
Forest on the set of Paws

In Sue’s private business, she is an educator of building holistic balanced healthy relationships between humans and animals through universal language, teaching people how to connect & communicate with their animals.

Sue with Spak and Lizard

Sue is also a facilitator of Animal Energy Healing workshops and distant healings.

Ralph on the healing table
Sue and Bron teaching
Scrubby enjoying Vibrational healing

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For any inquiries about Sue’s services, please contact us through the Contact page.  We aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours hours.