1 on 1 Fundamental Training With Sue

Soggie Doggie Pats & Praise Rewards

Follow me & Circle work

Sit Down

Tucker with water bowl
Teddy sitting in Rob's lap
Winston Lab
Carla Jake Jennifer Matilda
Cormac Matilda 2
Ziggy at car with Kris sit down
George sitting in Jumbuck
42Bob smiling

Stay Here, Stay There & Stay With Me

Ziggy Dogknowledgy car
George Shelby & Nancy sit stay
Emalyn & Axel cross legged

Just Watching & Leave It

Matilda & Ollie just watchhing 1
Cormac Matilda 1
George & Shelby in chairs
Nancy George & Shelby sit stay at car
Cormac just watching

Focus Walking


Guided Socialization Dog Packs