Animal Healing Testimonials


Hi Sue,

Hugo is a different horse!! He is very much relaxed and has his ears pricked a much bigger percentage of the time we are working with him, doing different things. At feed time, he is more relaxed about me being around, zoning out with his ears forward much more, just chilled and aware of me being there, but mind elsewhere (ultimate relaxation). His whole physique and the total picture has changed. He is actually quite good looking, which I could never have said before!

Carryn says his head is more consistent and steady when she is out  
riding and I have found the same when we are dressage training. I will try to get a treatment a month now, do you think that will be  
ok for maintenance Gary has also commented on the massive improvement and can’t praise  
you enough – he was out here this morning. None of us could believe the change in Hugo…

I cant WAIT to get him to the next competition!!

“Barb R”

Dog : Harley 4 years of age: Mini Fox Terrier

September 2012 ….. Saturday afternoon, my little dog Harley was bitten by a snake in the local off leash park.  When I was watching Harley, all of a sudden I saw him throwing something in the air.  I soon realized it was a snake and I screamed out for him to come to me. When he got to me I wasn’t sure if he had been bitten. One minute later he collapsed and his eyes glazed over. A lady in the park was walking past and I yelled to her that my dog had just been bitten by a snake. The lady stayed with Harley while I raced to get the car and realized that time was crucial to get him to the vet. Harley’s Vet closes at 12 noon on Saturdays, so I had to go home to ring his number to find out who was on call as I don’t have a mobile phone. (I do now) Harley’s vet was on call and said he would be at the surgery on my arrival. The vet administered the antivenin and he stayed overnight at the vets. Harley pulled through and was ok till the following Friday night. Harley was very distressed all night scratching and shaking his head. In the morning his face and head was blown up like a balloon so I took him to the vet as soon as they were open. The vet administered medication and home we went. Harley slept till and I thought all was well until he started running from room to room shaking his head nonstop, very distressed. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to so I rang Sue Bloom (Animal Behaviouralist) who was Harley’s trainer. Sue said the distress was due to where the snakes fang’s went into his head, she told me to get off the phone……sit in a chair & just observe him while she performed a distance energy healing  on him and would ring me back in half an hour.

Instantly when I sat down to observe him he came and lay down in front of me and he was very still, he didn’t move, he just stayed there, he put his head on his front paws which he never does as he always lays on his side.  5-10mins later his ear, then his neck and shoulder were doing strange movements.  He then got up and stretched and shook his head once and then went off to his bed and has been fine ever since. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it.

I was so distressed & beside myself at the thought of losing my little man….I am an elderly person & he will be my last dog. After Harley had his healing I felt I also had had a healing too. The next day I noticed my anxiety had nearly gone & I was feeling very calm & peaceful & Harley Thank you Sue

“Nola B”